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Who: Former New Kids On The Block member Joey McIntyre and real estate agent Barrett Williams

When: August 9, 2003

Where: Vows were exchanged at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The Ceremony: Be it fate or coincidence, the numbers 809 are intrinsically woven into the life of former teen idol Joey McIntyre, who first looked into the eyes of the woman he would wed on August 9, 2002, the date real estate agent Barrett Williams was hired to find a new residence for the entertainer. Months after moving into a home with an 809 address the performer asked for Barrett's hand in marriage, and on the one year anniversary of their first meeting two hundred and thirty guests, among them former New Kids On The Block members Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight, gathererd at New York's famed Plaza Hotel to bear witness during the dual faith ceremony as the bride slipped on to her new husband's finger a platinum band encrusted with diamonds which formed the numerals 809. (The tradition of the couple's lucky numbers continued with the release of Joey McIntyre's 2004 CD, the aptly-titled 8:09.)

The Dress: A refined look for an evening wedding, Barrett chose a floor-length Carolina Herrera ivory silk gown hugged at the waist by a champagne-colored sash. The bride was so enamoured with her wedding attire that she wore a shortened version of the same design to the reception.

The groom looked dapper in a black Gucci tuxedo paired with a white silk tie and white rose boutonniere.

The Reception: A virtual garden of red, yellow and hot pink sugar flowers adorned the five-layer vanilla wedding cake encased in chocolate icing which awaited guests after the ceremony.

The Honeymoon: The couple later embarked on a romantic getaway to Nevis and St. Martin.

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