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Celebrity Wedding Database


Read about the details of some of Hollywood's biggest -- and most private -- celebrity weddings, from the dresses to the first dance to the honeymoon destinations they selected. Search by celebrity last name:

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MacDowell, Andie and Rhett DeCamp Hartzog Over 200 guests were present at the hour long evening ceremony, held at a turn of the century house of worship near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Macy, William H and Felicity Huffman

Madonna and Guy Ritchie The Material Girl chose Skibo Castle for her nuptials.

Maguire, Gareth & Martie Seidel

Maples, Marla & Donald Trump The wedding attire was designed in just five days for this star-studded event.

Matenopoulos, Debbie & Jay Faires Greek traditions gave this LA wedding an international atmosphere.

McComb, Heather & James Van Der Beek The uncle of the "Dawson's Creek" star acted as officiant.

McCartney, Paul and Heather Mills The former Beatle and his bride-to-be celebrated their engagement in Jaipur, India.

McCartney, Stella and Alasdhair Willis The bride co-designed a dress resembling the one worn by her mother, Linda McCartney, on her wedding day.

McCarthy, Jenny and John Asher This couple exchanged vows at the glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel.

McEntire, Reba & Narvel Blackstock The country music superstar had to squeeze the reception in between singing gigs at Caesar's Palace.

McGraw, Tim and Faith Hill The country music darling went barefot for her Louisiana nuptials.

McIntyre, Joey and Barrett Williams The Plaza Hotel in New York City set the scene for these nuptials between the former New Kids on the Block member and the real estate agent.

McKeon, Michael and Annette O'Toole  The couple chose the first day of spring to celebrate their union.

Mendes, Sam & Kate Winslet The "Titanic" star took the plunge for the second time with director Sam Mendes.

Messing, Debra and Daniel Zelman At the reception, the bride and one of her "Will and Grace" co-stars sang a rendition of "Oops!...I Did It Again" for the guests.

Miller, Arthur & Marilyn Monroe This couple wed in both a civil and a religious ceremony.

Mills, Heather & Paul McCartney

Miner, Rachel & Macaulay Culkin

Minnelli, Liza and David Gest This star-studded event was the talk of New York City.

Monroe, Marilyn & Joe DiMaggio Sentimental reminders of this couple's romance filled their San Francisco ceremony.

Monroe, Marilyn & Arthur Miller This couple shared not one but two ceremonies.

Moore, Demi and Bruce Willis This couple said their vows in a Las Vegas ceremony.

Murray, Chad Michael and Sophia Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica provided the backdrop for this stellar event.