Bryant Gumbel and Hilary Quinlan's Wedding

Who: Journalist Bryant Gumbel and model Hilary Quinlan

Where: Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida

When: August 24, 2002

The Ceremony: The vows, which were witnessed by two dozen guests, were exchanged on the outdoor terrace of the Breakers Hotel.

The Dress: The bride wore a Ralph Lauren gown.

A Special Moment: The groom’s best man was Bryant Gumbel’s son, Bradley.

The Reception: The hotel also served as a venue for the reception. Guests retreated to the hotel’s Magnolia Room and were served dishes that ranged from quail eggs to rack of lamb Dijonnaise.

Add some starlit touches of your own...

If you liked Bryant Gumbel and Hilary Quinlan's nuptials, consider how you can add some stellar touches to your own ceremony. For example:

• Talk with local hotels about various outdoor venues. Some, like the Breaker’s Mediterranean-style Ocean Terrace, have a particular style which might provide a theme or atmosphere for your wedding and following reception.


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