Books, Books, Books!

August is usually a pretty quiet month but this August has been a busy one here as we put the final touches on one book, finish writing another, and start a third!

This month we completed the final, final page proofs of the sixth edition of our Day Trips from Austin guidebook. We’ve been writing this book for many years and always enjoy the revisions…there’s always so much that’s new and fun in the Austin area. This new edition will be out in November. We still haven’t seen the new book cover yet…that’s always a fun surprise!

And we’ve been hard at work writing another book: Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos. With the economy really hitting pets hard these days (shelters are bulging with dogs and cats as owner surrenders rise and adoptions slow), we’re excited about writing this new book. It will include sections on how to save money on every aspect of  life with your dog, from obtaining your dog to feeding your dog to saving on veterinary care. (And, yes, we’ll have a section on saving money on travel and your dog, whether that means taking your dog along for vacation, boarding, or finding a pet sitter.) That book will also be out in November!

Finally, we’re just about to start work on a revision of our Texas Barbecue book. (We don’t know yet if the title will change for this new version.) This book, which was named Best Regional Book by the Mid-America Publishers Association, is a combination travel book and cookbook. To kick off our research, we’ll be working as barbecue judges this weekend at a Texas cookoff!

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