Moving Furniture, Lovetripper Style

Sometimes running a website is a little like running your own home…you just get tired of the furniture arrangement and decide it’s time for a redo.

We’ve been doing that the past few months here at Lovetripper, switching over multiple Lovetripper blogs (formerly self-hosted but managed through Blogger) to WordPress. We’d already made the switch with our site but Lovetripper is about five times larger so the move was a big one.

And, we’re happy to say, the move is done. We’re still tweaking here and there and hope to roll out some new features throughout the summer, the first of which is this blog so we can have a little more of a personal voice on the site. We’ve also just introduced a new section called “Where to Go” which will feature a single destination per post with some of our favorite photos.

We’re also tweaking our Lovetripper fan page over on Facebook and we’re about to redo our Twitter background on our @lovetripper account. If you’re on either Facebook or Twitter, please be sure to give us a shout out!

On July 1, we’ll be launching a new giveaway here on Lovetripper for our newest book: Best of the Caribbean (Open Road). It’s a pretty guidebook with with full-color photos throughout. Stay tuned for that giveaway later in the week.

In the meantime, we’re getting ready to start the last week of June. Where did this month go??!

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