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Romantic Norfolk Island

Photos courtesy Norfolk Touring Company

Got a case of "been there, done that"? We've got an island for you: Norfolk Island, located off Australia. Kylie Adams of Norfolk Touring Company contributed this article about this romantic island. The tour company offers a variety of options, from visits to singer Helen Reddy's garden to dinner shows recalling the history of this fascinating island.

Imagine going to an Island that is only 5km by 8km with a population of 1800 surrounded by rugged cliffs and beautiful pines!

Welcome to Norfolk Island. This magical island escape is only a 2.5-hour flight direct from Sydney and 1.45-hour flight direct from Auckland. Norfolk is an external territory of Australia using the Australian dollar but is uniquely self-governed.

Norfolk has an exceptional story behind such a peaceful island. Captain James Cook discovered Norfolk in 1774 and believed that the Norfolk Pines would make good masts and the Flax that was abundant on the island would make good sails for his majesties ships. It was soon discovered that the pine was too brittle and the flax was unsuitable for such uses so the island was left uninhabited.

The sandstone ruins still present in the historical Kingston area are remnants of two convict settlements on Norfolk Island, the last of which was abandoned in 1855. In 1856 the Pitcairner’s came to Norfolk as Queen Victoria granted them the island to settle as Pitcairn became overpopulated.

The Pitcairner’s were descendants from the famous ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. Fletcher Christian declared Mutiny on Captain William Bligh, set Bligh and a few of his followers in a long boat and headed back to Tahiti in the Bounty to pick up their women and a few local men. They knew that the British Navy would be searching for them so they discovered Pitcairn Island (which was marked incorrectly on the map) and settled on this uninhabited island. After 66 years on Pitcairn they sailed to Norfolk Island aboard the Morayshire.

Today, Norfolk is a great place for a holiday, for such a tiny island there are many things to do that range from snorkelling, diving, bushwalking, fishing, mountain biking, horse riding, sea kayaking, numerous tours and shows the depict the history and the culture of the island but if you just want to relax there are beautiful white sandy beaches and a trip to the beauty spa will be in need.

The shopping is amazing as it is a tax haven. Norfolk has tax and duty free shopping, with imported products from all over the world at very competitive prices. There are also many local products that are available at the Sunday markets, which are made from the famous Norfolk Pine, Banana and Palm leaves and the local fruit. You have to try the local Guava Jelly (Great for toast and scones).

The spectacular sunsets, the intimate and secluded self-contained cottages, the pristine beaches and the beautiful scenery are only a few of the reasons why Norfolk is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or your wedding ceremony.

The Norfolk Touring Company offer very affordable wedding packages, which include car hire, accommodation in your own self contained cottage, beauty treatments and also the options of getting married on the beach, the magnificent church that was built by the Melanesian Mission, cliff top, historical convict buildings, horse and carriage or a trip in the glass bottom boat to be married on the reef over looking the two other distant islands and the miles of empty ocean. Norfolk Island is the perfect destination.

If Norfolk Island sounds like the perfect destination for you and your partner email Kylie Adams at the Norfolk Touring Company marketing@norfolktouringco.nf for further information.