More Alamo-Related Attractions in San Antonio

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Alamo Cenotaph
Alamo Plaza, San Antonio
Directly in front of the Alamo stands the Alamo Cenotaph, a monument to the men who lost their lives in the battle. The marble monument, designed by Italian-born and Texas-adopted sculptor Pompeo Coppini was erected in 1939 by the Texas Centennial Commission and includes all the names of the Alamo defenders. Vehicles are no longer permitted directly in this area, a gesture of respect for the Native Americans buried in a cemetery found in front of the chapel.

IMAX Theater at Rivercenter Mall
849 E. Commerce at Rivercenter Mall, San Antonio
(210) 247-4629, (800) 354-4629
Located at the Crockett Street entrance of Rivercenter Mall, this IMAX theater is the home of "Alamo - The Price of Freedom." The story of the fall of the Alamo comes to life on this six-story screen several times daily. The 45-minute docudrama is one of the best film versions of the 13-day siege, giving viewers a real sense of participation in the action.

The film was produced at Alamo Village in the West Texas town of Brackettville, using a replica of the Alamo built for the John Wayne film of the same name. From a rolling thunderstorm over the rugged Texas landscape to the daybreak siege by Santa Anna's troops, this movie makes viewers feel as if they are witnessing the fateful battle and the days leading up to it. When not running "The Price of Freedom," the IMAX shows other films produced especially for the big screen.

The Texas Adventure
307 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio
(210) 227-8224
This unique theater calls itself the world's first "Encountarium F-X Theatre," using state of the art technology to move beyond traditional movie techniques to tell this classic tale. Here you can see a version of the fall of the Alamo played out with animatronics and holographic figures. Guests are first ushered into a room for a six-minute preshow using excellent dioramas to explain the events that led up to the famous battle. Next, visitors take a seat on benches where the story comes to life with holographic versions of Crockett, Travis, and Bowie. The presentation lasts just under half and hour, and it's suitable for anyone except very young children. (When Jim Bowie "appeared" out of thin air, a young child seated near us let loose a scream the likes of which may not have been heard in these parts since that fateful battle.)

Plaza Wax Museum
301 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio
(210) 224-9299
This museum depicts the famous, from Jesus to John Wayne. The sculptures are well done and many are displayed in elaborate sets featuring movie scenes. Alamo visitors will appreciate the "Heroes of the Lone Star" exhibits on the fateful battle.

San Fernando Cathedral
115 Main Plaza, San Antonio
(210) 227-1297
For many years, folks believed the San Fernando Cathedral was the final resting place of the defenders of the Alamo. A Spanish church was built at this site in 1738 by the city's Canary Island colonists. Here Santa Anna raised a flag of "no quarter" before he stormed the Alamo, signifying to the Texians that he would take no prisoners. In 1873, following a fire after the Civil War, the chapel was replaced with the present-day construction. Although a tomb holds the remains of some unknown soldiers, modern historians do not believe these were the bodies of the Alamo defenders because evidence of military uniforms, never worn by the Texians, has turned up among the remains.


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