Where should we go?

You want activity. Spirited watersports. Pulsating nightlife. Big city exploration.

Your soon-to-be spouse wants leisure time. Days spent under a tall coconut tree or cuddled up beside a roaring fire. Nights lulled by gentle trade winds and the rhythm of lapping waves, as the moon rises over a silver sea.

Whether the two of you have differing views of your honeymoon dream or share a vision of the perfect romantic getaway, you’ve got many choices. Depending on your budget and time constraints, you’ve got a whole world of choices ahead of you. It’s time to start making those decisions!

Here are some basic categories to get you thinking:

  • Beach honeymoon. Beach destinations have long been a favorite with honeymooners. Sun, sand, surf...they all add up to a sizzling spot. Your options range from US beaches like Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, or the Florida Keys to the Caribbean and Mexico resort destinations to beaches further afield in Australia, the South Pacific, and the Mediterranean.
  • Cruise honeymoon. Set sail for love with a cruise honeymoon. Your options include destinations around the world on cruise ships that range from mega-ships with everything from Vegas-style revues and shopping malls to small ships with about 100 passengers to private yachts you can charter.
  • Mountain honeymoon. It’s a Rocky Mountain High in the Colorado mountains at destinations like Aspen or Vail but you’ve also got options like Canada’s Banff or Whistler, Switzerland’s St. Moritz, or Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.
  • Adventure honeymoon. Couples who may have vacationed together and already done the sun and sand experience may want to tackle a bigger getaway, something along the line of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Depending on your fitness level and budget, you can opt for white water rafting down the Snake River, bare boating through the Grenadines, mountain biking through Jamaica, walking inn-to-inn across Ireland, or trekking through India. Hook up with a guided safari for a trip that combines adventure and luxury.
  • Big city honeymoon. Whether it’s the lights of Broadway or Brussels that put the gleam in your eye, options exist around the world for big city excursions. These trips can be combined with a special shared interest such as history, art, shopping, or fine wine. Explore the galleries of Florence, the sidewalk cafes of Paris, or the historic sites of London: it’s your choice!
  • Cozy honeymoon. Don’t forget: the focus of the honeymoon is on each other. You can opt for a honeymoon that’s close to home, booking an intimate inn or quaint B&B. You’ll spend more time at the destination and less time traveling...leaving more time for each other.

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