How Long to Honeymoon?

Historically honeymoons lasted 30 days. At that time, the first most important (well, make that second most important) honeymoon activity was the drinking of mead, which was said to increase fertility.

Today only a few lucky honeymooners get to spend a month on their trip (with or without the mead). Just how long can you afford to take for your honeymoon?

There’s no prescribed time: take what the two of you feel comfortable in taking. A long weekend at a wonderful local inn can be a magical honeymoon. So can a four-night Caribbean getaway, a week-long cruise, or a two-week tour of Europe. It’s completely up to your own tastes, budget, and time constraints.

Package trips

Package vacations usually come in three-, four-, and seven-night lengths, with the option of adding additional nights if you like. If you're setting up your own vacation, then the sky (OK, your budget) is the limit.

If you are flying off on your honeymoon, we have found that three-night trips are just a little too short even for a quick getaway especially if you’re leaving the country. Three nights sounds like it should also include four days, but you have to be realistic. Usually your arrival day will be lost; departing from Texas we arrive in the Caribbean no earlier than mid-afternoon and sometimes much later than that. If you're arriving from the West Coast, expect a full travel day. You'll probably miss both dinner and the evening show and just be ready to roll into bed after you check in.

The departure day is also lost. With a two-hour international check-in, you're often off to the airport just after breakfast.

So, on a three-night, four-day package, expect two full days of vacation: the days between your arrival and your departure. We've done it, but it's not relaxing and can, especially if you've never been to the island before, be very frustrating.

If your budget is a major factor, we suggest a four-night trip. You'll have a little time to start to feel at home and, although it's not as glorious as a week-long stay, you'll start to get into the honeymoon groove and state of mind.

On a week-long trip you'll start to feel really relaxed and you'll also have some time for exploring whatever region you choose.

Two-week trips are the epitome of luxury, allowing you to recover from jet lag if that’s an issue, set up a "home base" in your new destination, and really get into the feel of a new country. If you’re traveling from continent to continent, a two-week trip is an excellent length.

Long Weekend Honeymoon

If you’ve got an eye on the budget or on the calendar, a long weekend honeymoon may be just right for you. These extended weekend honeymoons give you the chance to mark the occasion of your wedding with a little time away from home but don’t have the same financial or time burdens as an all-out honeymoon. Whether you’re postponing your honeymoon for a few months (see below) or just want to keep your honeymoon short and sweet, a long weekend honeymoon can be just the answer.

So where would you go on a long weekend honeymoon? Obviously, pretty close to home. You’ll want to minimize your travel time. Consider a honeymoon suite in a downtown hotel (weekend rates can often be a fraction of the weekday rate at many downtown hotels). Or you might like the cozy comfort of a B&B, a place where you can enjoy a home away from home atmosphere for a few blissful days.

Postponing Your Honeymoon

Many couples opt to postpone their honeymoon a few months, providing them a chance to settle into their new life together and focus on one big event at a time: first the wedding, then the honeymoon. This can also provide couples the chance to catch a bargain season at their honeymoon destination.

Honeymoon: Now!

Other couples opt to honeymoon right after their wedding. They prolong the magical period of their nuptials and, fresh from the bliss of the wedding, sweep right into the sometimes fantasy world of travel to really mark their first days as husband and wife.

Which is best for you? Only the two of you can decide!

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