Romantic Surprises

from How to Make Every Trip a Honeymoon

At a service station stop, buy your mate a surprise: a candy bar, ice cream, or soft drink.

Blindfold your lover and drive to a surprise destination. Offer tantalizing clues along the way but don’t give out the secret until you reach your destination—whether it’s a local B&B, a downtown hotel, or a special campground.

Buy your partner a special outfit. Sneak it in the luggage and make it a surprise.

Create a mystery date. Leave your lover clues for a rendezvous at an area out of town (just not too far away!)

Gift wrap a present for your lover. Sneakily talk with the waiter before your food arrives and ask him to slip the present in one of the dishes—perhaps in the roll basket or a basket of tortilla chips.

Hide notes in a fortune cookie with clues to your upcoming surprise getaway.

If you have to travel on business, overnight your partner a surprise ticket to come join you for the weekend.

One night, send your partner out on an errand. Light candles all around the hotel room, draw a warm bubble bath, and leave a “Hansel and Gretel” trail of love notes from the door to the bath where you await.

Plan a week-long vacation and keep the destination a secret! Plant hints about the destination like the day’s temperature to help with packing and to build the suspense but don’t give away the destination until you reach the airport or drive to the destination.

Plant a valentine heart inside your road map.

Secretly mail a postcard back home so it will be waiting for you and your when you return home.

Send a special gift—maybe a nightie, boxers, or a special outfit—to yours mate at your hotel via courier. Arrange for it to be delivered the day you arrive.

Send flowers to her at your hotel room. Arrange for them to be in your room upon arrival.

Special guests at functions such as conventions often receive what’s known as “pillow gifts,” small presents placed on the pillow at the end of every day. Do some planning and arrange for your own “pillow gifts.” Arrange for their delivery during dinner or hide them yourself.

Surprise your lover with a gift of jewelry—hidden in a glass of champagne.

Surprise your lover with a one-night vacation. Rent a room at a local hotel and decorate it with some first-class goodies: a bottle of champagne, some chilled shrimp, fresh strawberries, cheese, French bread, what ever you like. Pack an overnight bag for each of you. Pick up your partner from work for a special surprise “night out.”

Surprise your partner with a weekend vacation. Pack for the two of you and pick up your partner at work.

Surprise your partner with dinner at a hotel restaurant, or meet in the bar for a drink after work. After you’re finished, tell your partner it’s time for dessert—a kiss in the hotel elevator. The surprise: you’ve already reserved a room for the night!

Write your mate a love letter and hide it under his pillow.

You didn’t propose the first time? It’s never too late. Pick a romantic spot on your trip and ask her to marry you all over again.

Buy a jigsaw puzzle of your secret destination. Write your itinerary and a sexy note on the back of the puzzle then mail it to your lover at work.

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