Outdoor Romance

from How to Make Every Trip a Honeymoon

Watch for falling stars. Don’t forget to make a wish!

Have a midnight picnic.

See if your destination offers a chance to plant a tree or do other outdoor work. During a trip to Israel, we planted trees—and ever since have wondered how “our” trees were doing.

Splurge with a helicopter or a submarine tour to take your love to new heights—or depths.

Build a campfire and make ‘smores.

Toast marshmallows and feed them to each other.

Buy sleeping bags that zip together.

Climb a tree.

Count the stars together.

Find a daisy—or a hibiscus or sunflower or any other local flower—and play “he loves me, he loves me not.” Each positive answer gets a kiss.

Find a hayride and hop aboard.

Gather seashells, pine cones or tiny pebbles. Create a heart at your door’s threshold.

Go for a hike—shop for your own “pet rock” to take home.

Go for a walk in the rain—wearing nothing but raincoats.

Hop aboard a ferry. Kiss every time the ship’s horn sounds.

If a rain shower arises, don’t let it dampen your day—go for a sensuous stroll.

Learn a new sport together on your vacation.

One of the most special evenings of your trip, go outside and select a star to be “yours.”

Make it one you’ll be able to find again so that years after your vacation, you’ll look up and glimpse your own piece of stellar real estate and recall your vacation together.

Pick flowers to match your partner’s eyes.

Play hide and seek in a fragrant garden.

Rent a bicycle built for two.

Rent a moped or scooter and sightsee.

Roll up your pants and wade along the water’s edge as you hold hands.

See how long you can kiss underwater.

Sit in a spring field and see how many wildflowers you can count together.

Sit on the water’s edge and put your toes in the water and do absolutely nothing.

Skip stones.

Start dancing during a hike.

Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.

Stay up until the last ember of the campfire goes out.

Swim with dolphins.

Take a hike and pick up small items along the way like a twig, a dried leaf, a feather, or a smooth pebble. That night, blindfold your partner and sensuously stroke the items across his or her bare skin. See if your lover can identify the item.

Take a romantic rock or leaf hunt as you stroll or hike. Search for heart—or more risqué—shapes.

Take a sunrise walk and watch the sky change colors.

Take a walk and hear the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet.

Take a walk together after each night’s dinner.

Toss palm fronds or flower petals in the sea and see whose reaches shore first.

Visit a botanical garden. Point out your favorite flowers.

Visit a marina and “window shop” to select your favorite vessels. Daydream about charting a course around the world, just the two of you.

Visit a park. Bring along seed to feed the birds and nuts for the squirrels.

Visit a “pick your own” orchard.

Visit a topless beach.

Watch fireflies.

Watch for the legendary Green Flash. Not the superhero in tights. The lowercase green flash is a natural phenomenon often sought but seldom seen. Under the right conditions, as sunset cools into the sea, comes a momentary green sizzle on the horizon. Science explains it as the refraction of sunlight through the thick lens of the Earth’s atmosphere. Island lore links it to romance: couples who witness the flash are guaranteed true love. All agree it’s a rare sight, requiring just the right combination of sun, sky, and luck. (Skeptics would add other requirements as well. “How many rum punches does it take to see it?”)

Watch the birds together.

Watch the clouds and imagine shapes in their puffy forms. Feeling naughty? The two of you can point out your own R—or X—rated shapes.

Watch the moon rise.

Watch the stars. Look for a shooting star and make a wish.

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