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Dining in Eastern Canada

With its French Canadian heritage, couples headed to the province of Québec have one only problem: choosing between the region’s numerous dining choices. This culinary capital offers many fine dining choices spotlighting fine French dishes, local fare, and international cuisines. Throughout the region, lovers can expect restaurants to be at their busiest later in the evening; Québec residents typically dine about 8 p.m. and traditionally linger over their meals.

In Montréal, over 5,000 bistros and restaurants await delegates. The city is well known for its smoked meats and fresh bagels as well as excellent restaurants. To celebrate the art of food, the city hosts several special events annually including February’s Montréal High Lights Festival, featuring the city’s cultural organization and world-class guest chefs. June’s Mondial de la bière showcases beers, Scotches, and whiskies from around the globe while August’s Les Fêtes Gourmandes Internationales spotlights the cuisines of over 30 countries.

Québec City boasts more gourmet restaurants per capita than any other city in North America. Restaurants such as À la maison de Serge Bruyère, which offers seating for 420, and Café de Paris, with seating for 350, offer French cuisine. Many local restaurants serve game and seafood in season.

For all its highbrow restaurants, couples will find plenty of traditional fare in the region as well along with an unusual culinary specialty: poutine. This messy dish, a favorite Québec junk food, is made of french fries covered with curd cheese and topped with gravy.