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What to Pack

When we first began to travel in the Caribbean, we envisioned an elegant destination where visitors wore the most stylish sportswear and fine evening wear. It was an image created by stories of Caribbean travel earlier this century, when wealthy travelers made the long journey with steamer trunks and remained in the islands for weeks at a time. Today's jet travel has shortened the length of stay ­ and diminished the necessary amount of luggage ­ for a Caribbean journey.

We carry all the necessary accessories (which, on some islands, can be expensive or difficult to buy):

  • camera and film, extra camera batteries
  • sunscreen (two bottles of different strengths)
  • snorkel gear (certified divers must bring a "C" card)
  • insect repellent
  • all prescriptions (in original prescription bottles)
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses each
  • 1 or 2 paperback books
  • antiseptic for bug bites
  • aloe vera lotion for sunburn
  • first aid kit with aspirin, stomach medicine, bandages, etc.
  • mini-address book for postcard writing

We quickly learned that in the Caribbean, the key wardrobe words are comfort and cool, not necessarily chic. Even if you'll be staying at the poshest resort and dining in the toniest restaurants, comfort comes first. A few restaurants require jackets for men (especially during high season), and we've identified those throughout this guidebook. Neckties are rarely seen.

We keep a permanent packing list for our Caribbean trips. For a four-night trip, we bring:




 2 pairs casual slacks

2 pairs shorts

2 T-shirts

2 polo or short sleeve shirts

2 swimsuits

1 pair walking shoes

1 pair sandals or tennis shoes

1 pair water shoes


1 pair nice slacks or khakis

2 pairs shorts

1 T-shirt

2 short sleeve/sleeveless blouses

2 swimsuits, 1 cover-up

1 pair walking sandals

1 pair evening sandals

1 pair water shoes

1 casual skirt

1 dress or sundress

This may seem sparse, but we always carry on our luggage if possible (although sometimes we've had to surrender bags on small propeller planes). Toting bags may seem like a hassle, but it does minimize the chance of lost luggage. When we deplane, we're first in line for customs and immigration, so we breeze through and add a little precious time to our island vacation.


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