The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

A Totally Unauthorized, Naughty but Nice Guide to Jamaica's Very Adult Resort

An interview with author Chris Santilli

Ever wonder what really goes on at the legendary Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica? Author and 32-time Hedo II guest Chris Santilli debunks the myths and shares tips for making the most of a trip, whether swinging on a trapeze, floating naked on a raft, or dancing in a bed sheet before 500 people. Recently Santilli released the second edition of her best-selling The Naked Truth About Hedonism II. We spoke with the author (pictured at right) about what makes this Jamaica resort so popular.

Why does Hedonism II have the highest repeat guest count of any Caribbean hotel?
Because the resort allows its like-minded guests a comfortable meeting ground for fun activities, such as shaving cream swimsuit parades, naked twister, and butt chugs. Most resorts don't permit the excesses of goofiness allowed at Hedonism II.

Who goes to Hedonism II?
Demographically, its guests generally are about half singles and half couples. Single men outnumber the single women by an average of almost 3 to 1. Non-Caucasian guests are usually up to 10% of the total. Non-American guests are usually Canadians, but about 5% to 10% are from beyond North America. The age range is 18-90+, but at least half the guests' ages are 35 to 55. Single folks under 35 tend to stay on the prude beach; those older tend to stay on the nude beach. To visualize the guests on a typical day on the nude beach at Hedonism II: think of walking through a shopping mall and every person you see is naked.

What advice do you give to people who are nervous about going on a nude beach?
Get naked. Get over it. It's fun. Life's too short.

The second most difficult thing about getting naked is taking your clothes off the first time. The most difficult thing is putting them back on.

To acclimate to the concept of naked with or without a full glass of liquid courage:

  • Think in terms of sunlight warming your genitals and soft breezes through your pubic hair--if you have it.
  • Think in terms of no serious burn lines at the edge of your swimsuit.
  • Think about the smooth roundness of your fat without the indent of a swimsuit's elastic emphasizing its mush.
  • You also avoid crotch-rot because a birthday suit dries faster than a textile one. You don't have to pack multitudes of suits.
  • Underwater, the penis looks bigger because of light refraction. Boobs float, too, giving them non-surgical lift in the sea or pool. Out of the water, going braless pulls the wrinkles from your face. And most important: brown fat looks better than white fat.

How does Hedonism II compare with other places that permit nudity?
No other hotels have quite the same ambiance as Hedonism II. With no children running about, an adult flavor comes out. But with guests who are not 100% in the swing lifestyle (except maybe mid-January), you do have the total sexuality you might find at a resort reserved for those folks. Some of Hedo's guests do perform sexual acts in public, but it's not the norm of most guests. And most guests are not in the swing lifestyle but use the sexually charged atmosphere of Hedo to ignite their relationship with their loved one.

Other places I like to be naked include Sunnyrest Lodge in the Poconos; Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, N.J.; DÈja Vu in Key West, Fla., Haulover Beach in Miami; Cap d'Agde in southern France; Club Orient in St. Martin; Eden in Loreto, Baja California, Mexico; and Paradise Lakes near Tampa, Fla. Each of these places has its own wonderful flavor, but none is as silly as Hedonism II unless you bring H2 friends with you.

Have you attended any weddings at Hedonism II? What makes them unique?
Guests enjoy seeing weddings at Hedonism II often more than once a week. You can attend weddings naked, but most people wear at least a hip wrap out of respect for the bride and groom who are dressed (a requirement of most of the ministers). Like most resort weddings, they are held in picturesque areas and the staff of H2 take good care of making the whole event pretty and pleasurable (and the wedding is free at Hedo if you meet certain meager requirements). Anniversary or renewal ceremonies are also common at H2. H2 engenders romance along with sex. Many single people meet at Hedo and subsequently marry (often at the resort).

For readers who enjoyed the first edition of your guide, what new and additional coverage will they find in the second edition?

The second edition (published August 2001) has twice the number of pages and three times the amount of information as the first edition (published April 1998). In addition to TONS of new tales of silly naked adventures and updated facts, other new stuff includes the following:

  • 32 pages of color photos of the high jinx that go on at Hedonism II--including one of 355 naked people in the hot tub!
  • Demographic chart of who goes to Hedonism II--counts for single men versus single women versus couple--of Year 2000 proprietary info from Hedonism II.
  • Special ruler for women to use to test men who arrive on the nude beach in clothes
  • Detailed map of where each room is
  • NEW games you can only play naked
  • How Hedonism II changes your life
  • A guide to primping your pubic hair
  • How to catch a tree frog
  • How to bring the "Hedotude" home
  • New extended advice from single men and women for getting lucky at Hedo
  • Gals only: Addressing that time of the month
  • How to shop for booze, cigars, coffee, spices, and wood goods
  • What disabled folks can expect at Hedonism II
  • How Hedonism III differs from Hedonism II

Some of Ms Santilli's responses are copyright excerpts from The Naked Truth About Hedonism II, 2nd ed. and are reprinted here with express permission.
No other duplication is permitted.

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New Edition!

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II : A Naughty but Nice Guide to Jamaica's All-Inclusive, Very Adult Resort by Chris Santilli. Just what's really going on at Hedonism II? Have a look at this fun-loving resort in this candid guide.



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