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An interview with co-author Louis James

Whether you're in search of a hedonistic getaway or a romantic weekend on a secluded island, Adults Only Travel will point you in the right direction. Sections include erotic events, intimate inns, romantic resorts, and even nude cruises. We recently spoke with co-author Louis James about this unique guide.

What prompted you to write Adults Only Travel?
Adults Only TravelWith many choices available for traveling adults, it is very easy to become overwhelmed when searching for just the right spot. We wanted to provide other adults with an easy to use directory of some of the best romantic and erotic destinations throughout the world that cater to an adult audience.

When many people think of adult only properties, they picture the couples only resorts of the Caribbean. What other options are available for adult travelers interested in a romantic vacation?

While the Caribbean does offer many great adult only properties, many of which are included in this guide, we have also taken great pride in searching out the best erotic and romantic adult-only vacation destinations around the world from Canada to the Caribbean to Australia. In the guide you'll find the top nude cruises available on the planet, offering 24/7 au natural sailing from ports all over the world. There's a hidden Hawaiian retreat where you can discover and experience the sexual art of Oceanic Tantra. A complete listing of the 25 best erotic events that you must attend at least once in your lifetime is included to help put some spice back in your life. Maybe you'll find romance at the underwater resort, keep things cool at the hotel made of ice or find passion at one of the 40 plus unique adult only Bed & Breakfast, private villa's and inn's listed. With more than 152 destinations, this guide offers something for everyone.

How can private islands and cays offer romantic travelers a unique getaway?

One of the unique features offered to guest on a private island resort is the tranquility they can't enjoy at some of the large main-land resorts. The islands we included in this guide were chosen because of the high level of pampering they offer their guest. One of the things that makes a private island a great place to vacation is that YOU set the pace, but they all have plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Many people start the day by indulging in a gourmet beach side breakfast, then take the afternoon to work on their all over tan and in the evening they'll enjoy the romance of a moonlight stroll along their own private beach.

Do many adults only properties offer destination weddings or vow renewals for their guests?

Yes, most adults destinations offer elaborate wedding packages for those interested in tying the knot away from home, but this guide also offers some specialty wedding companies that will help create the wedding of your dreams. Maybe you want to take your vows while soaring freely from a plane while skydiving, at the end of your bungee cord after a quick jump from the side of a cliff or maybe your into space and want an intergalactic wedding complete with space suits. No matter what your heart desires, you'll be sure to find it here.

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Adults Only Travel Whether you're in search of a hedonistic getaway or a romantic weekend on a secluded island, this guide will point you in the right direction. Sections include erotic events, intimate inns, romantic resorts, and even nude cruises.



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