Photos and article by Eleanor S. Morris

ARLINGTON, Virginia - To see our beautiful national cemetery through entirely different eyes, take a tour with psychic Zorel Zone, who claims to have a divine gift of prophecy, a sixth sense, and psychic ability. Plus, he's very entertaining. You'll hardly notice how much ground you're covering as you listen, entranced, to Zorel's interpretations of the souls represented by their tombstones. In between, he treats the crowd to some of his philosophy. "Once you leave," he says, "go into that dimension (death), there's only one god. I don't like religious groups claiming the have the only way; that's not the American way."

Meanwhile, historian/guide Steven L. Carson stops in front of a modest tombstone. "What can you tell us about this?" he asks Zorel. The psychic closes his eyes and rubs his chin. "This soul needs to be released into the light," he announces. "Souls who are not at rest want justice." The grave is that of Adolph Dubs, LCDR Navy, Ambassador to Afghanistan from June 27, 1978 to February 14, 1979. He was assassinated.

At the grave of Chief Justice Warren Burger, Zorel says he was not very nice, he enjoyed hurting people. "If you need to hurt others, there's something wrong with you. But if your body's tortured, it cannot affect your inner peace. He cites the examples of Joan of Arc and Jesus on the cross.

At the tombstone of Admiral H. G. Rickover, Zorel says that although his career was saved by President Jimmy Carter, he was bitter all his life because as a Jew he was treated very badly in the armed forces. "His soul reacts under that discomfort."

The group stops at another tombstone, and here Zorel receives happier vibes, at least at first. The group sees engraved the names of Reuben Spellman and Gladys Noon Spellman, and it's of her that he speaks. "When I hear the name, I feel there's a happy person, lots of parties, I see floating flowers, liking people." Then his face clouds. "But then, then I feel like somebody is covering my face. It has to do with suffocation." Gladys Spellman was a U.S. Congresswoman who was felled by a stroke. "She was in a coma for six, seven years. See what I said I feel, suffocation, can't breath, no oxygen."

In between being psychic with souls, Zorel shares his prophecies about people in the group. "This gentleman," he says, "is going to come into a lot of money, he is a good person who does not ask a lot. Good people should be rewarded."

To another, he says "You're going to travel a lot. You're working on a big project that will be successful. A book, perhaps, a wonderful book that will help people." The man in question smiles ruefully and admits that indeed he is writing a book--or at least researching it.

The group comes to the Kennedy Memorial, and Zorel offers a pointed observation here. "Kennedy's son's plane was tampered with. He would have been a president who would have done even more good than his father. It will come out," he promises.

As for Jackie Kennedy, "she is happy, her soul is with her son's. But," he adds, "she is not happy that he died so young. "

Zorel adds some more personal philosophical advice to the group. "You don't have to change. Be the person you are, but read to understand yourself and others. Take charge of yourself--you can't serve two masters."

Other Zorel advice: "Make every day in the new millenium a positive one. Be well informed and aware of your best direction to take for you and your loved ones."

At that, one of the women in the group has a comment."I was giving off negative vibes," she says. "And, he's won me over!"

A Psychic's Tour of Arlington Cemetery is offered by Gilt-Edge Tours International, 306 North Madison St. Arlington, Va 22203, tel: 703/841-0186 or 703/841-1631, fax: 703/522-4099,; website:

Zorel is a well-known TV and radio personality on the East Coast, offering his insights with surprising accuracy. He is featured in INTANGIBLE EVIDENCE by Bernard Gittleson (Simon & Schuster, Inc.) and in the Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokepersons.

Copyright Eleanor S. Morris

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